Variable Message Sign repair service launched


A new repair service to extend the life of Variable Message Signs (VMS) has been launched by Swarco, with one local authority already working with the company on up to 40 signs.

The service is designed to help cash-strapped highways teams hold on to the assets, as many early generation signs are either failing or becoming difficult to maintain.

Where possible original equipment and enclosures are retained but new electronics and LEDs fitted, savings councils potentially tens of thousands on the cost of buying new signs.

Jeremy Cowling, managing director of SWARCO Traffic, said: ‘The result is improved reliability; the signs become easier to maintain and spare parts are now more readily available. The performance characteristics of the new equipment are often better than when the signs were first installed and there is an opportunity to reduce power consumption.

‘Although many would undoubtedly like to replace their existing systems with more 21st Century technology, sometimes the budgets just won’t allow it. By offering a new service, to repair, renovate and re-install existing equipment, we can help local authorities to address an immediate need with a cost-effective and pragmatic solution.’

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