Transport analytics platform first to use connected car data


A new analytics platform is the first to exploit big data from Internet connected cars and devices and could have a major impact on local and national planning, developer INRIX has said.

Using real-time GPS data from a growing network of more than 250 million vehicles and devices, the data specialist hopes to help businesses, local authorities and governments gain insight into a range of key data sets such as vehicle counts and movement trends.

Launched today, two key services are available from the Insights platform in the US and Europe: INRIX Insights™ Trips and INRIX Insights™ Volume.

In a statement the developers revealed: 'INRIX Insights Volume is the first global population movement service that provides insight into how many vehicles typically pass a location by time of day, day of week at a location as well as actual vehicle counts on a specific day, time and side of the road.

'Insights Trips is a data-as-a-service (DaaS) application for understanding population movement across a metropolitan area, between two locations and at various points along the way,’ the company added.

President and chief executive officer, Bryan Mistele, said: ‘INRIX Insights exemplifies how the Internet of Things is transforming every aspect of business, government and society.

‘An impact that extends beyond the products and services consumers use every day to how business and government design, build and ultimately measure the impact of those same products and services.’

As well providing the private sector with important information such as how many drivers pass a potential store location or advertising space, services could also support the smart cities agenda the developers claimed.

Local highways directors and planners could become less reliant on roadside counters and could understand traffic volumes by day, time and by vehicle type helping shape asset management, investment and layout.


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