The faster side of the street?


Motorists have been left baffled after a pair of contradictory speed limit signs were put up just metres apart on the same street.

Bristol City Council has been forced to correct the contractor error after both a 20mph and a 30mph sign were put up on opposite sides of Ely Grove.

Resident Javier Freire-Banos, 48, was full of questions about the perplexing speed controls: ‘If I drive down the left hand side of the road, does it mean that I can drive up to 30mph, but if I drive on the right hand side of the road I can only drive up to 20mph?

‘Is the right hand side of the road considered far more dangerous, and therefore there is a need to drive at a slower speed?

‘If I drive down the middle of the road should I split the difference and drive up to 25mph?

‘If I am overtaking a vehicle, I can only do so to a maximum of 20mph, however, the vehicle that I am overtaking can travel up to 30mph?’

A Bristol City Council spokesperson said: ‘The signs, which were put there in error by our contractors, have now been corrected at no extra cost to the taxpayer.

‘This is a large scale, citywide scheme which is being implemented – errors like this are rare but if they do occur they will be corrected as quickly as possible.’

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