HS2's East Midlands hub to cut back on road access


Car access to the proposed East Midlands HS2 station should be via one road only, a study of design principles has recommended.

East Midlands Councils commissioned architect-planners Farrells to explore how the station at Toton, between Nottingham and Derby, could be designed for maximum economic growth potential.

HS2 will run north-south alongside the existing railway. The east-west A52 crosses the railway north of the site and connects with the M1. The A6005 crosses south of the site.

Plans for HS2's East Midland hub by Farrells

Farrells recommends private car access from the A52 only, to a station car park which should be multi-storey. Buses, coaches and taxis would be able to access the station from the A6005.

Farrells says the station layout should minimise walking distances between HS2 and regional rail services. The 'Full ask' is for cross-platform interchange, which would interleave the two railways.

Alternative rail alignments, such as a high level route south of the station, should be considered to prevent closure of existing roads, Farrells suggests.

Two of the three local road connections across the site face possible closure, which would leave one-sixth of the local population 'at risk of being set apart'.

Farrells proposes additional east-west crossings north and south of the station, to support safe movement by pedestrians and cyclists and provide routes for possible extension of Nottingham Express Transit westwards and to Long Eaton via the station forecourt.

Farrells has previously drawn up proposals for HS2 interchanges at Crewe and Old Oak Common. Peter Brett Associates provided engineering support for the East Midlands study.

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