Belfast named most congested UK city as traffic jams increase


Congestion in 14 out of the Britain’s 17 biggest cities has increased over the last year, with the average commuter wasting 129 hours a year in jams according to a major annual traffic index.

The analysis shows the average car journey took 29% longer than they would in free-flowing traffic in 2014, with Belfast ranking as the most congested city in the UK.

The Northern Ireland capital saw journey times of 39% slower than free-flow traffic throughout the day. Bristol is the only city where congestion has improved this year.

Ralf-Peter Schaefer, vice-president of TomTom Traffic which conducted the analysis, said: ‘Road authorities and local governments can use traffic data to better manage traffic flow and businesses can plan smarter working hours, so their employees avoid travelling during rush hour.

‘We can also give drivers the real-time traffic information and smart routing they need to avoid clogged roads and get there faster. Our mission is to help reduce traffic congestion for everyone.’

The top cites for congestion, according to the Index:

- Belfast

- London

- Edinburgh

- Brighton and Hove

- Manchester

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