Top 5: Heroes and would-be heroes in transport


The media is full of stories of heroism by the staff and passengers on transport. Here's our top five.

1) Gave his life to protect others

Top of our list is Muslim teacher Salah Farah who was shot while protecting Christians on a Kenyan bus when it was attacked by Islamist militants and later died from his bullet wound.


Last month President Uhuru Kenyatta awarded Mr Farah the Order Of The Grand Warrior, one of the country's top honours

2) Tackled a terrorist

Not far behind is the story of three US citizens, including two soldiers, who overpowered a heavily armed gunman after he had opened fire on a high-speed train from Amsterdam to Paris last August

The three were Anthony Sadler, Spencer Stone and Alek Skarlatos. A British passenger, Chris Norman, helped them tie up the suspect.

All four were awarded France's Legion D'Honneur. 

3) Risked his life to save a child

Closer to home and more recently, a Fife train driver has been hailed a hero after risking his life to rescue a three-year-old child he saw running along the tracks.

The Courier reports that Martin McManus slammed on the brakes of the train he was driving after seeing the child chasing a train he had just passed.

4) Bus driver does a ‘Speed’ to save a life

London bus driver James Rossi, 37, saved the life of a teenage passenger, who was suffering an allergic reaction to nuts, by abandoning his route and driving him straight home to get his EpiPen anaphylaxis treatment.

He told the other passengers on his number 268 bus that he would not be stopping until they reached the boy’s front door in Golders Green.

5) Fake selfie with fake hijacker

Less heroic, but still widely applauded, was Ben Innes, who had his picture taken with a Seif Eldin Mustafa, who had hijacked his flight from Alexandria to Cairo.

Mr Innes said he was trying to interact with the hijacker and get a look at his suicide vest, which later turned out to be fake.

After the initial whirl of publicity, it started to go wrong for Mr Innes, who was criticised by security experts and his mum, and was then revealed to have an assault conviction. To further add further insult, pedants also pointed out it wasn’t even a proper selfie.


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