Too little to hate? Council under fire over mini yellow lines


A council has come under fire after painting a set of double yellow lines measuring less than a metre long on a residential street.

The markings on the Leigh Road in Clifton, Bristol, were installed as park of a new residents’ parking scheme (RPS).

Twitter users rounded on the scheme, with residents branding the yellow lines an ‘epic fail’ and online parking marketplace Your Parking Space describing it as ‘ludicrous’.

Short but effective? The mini lines in action

However Bristol City Council defended the parking measures, stating they had been installed for a ‘very good reason’ and would ‘prevent inconsiderate parking’.

A town hall spokesperson said: 'We are ensuring residents with driveways and garages have enough space to get in and out of them; if, instead of being prevented from gaining access by motorists parking too close to or even taking over the entrance, they can actually use their driveways and garages it will create more space on the street for those without them.'

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