Schools Streets cutting air pollution, study reveals


Closing roads around schools at pick-up and drop-off times has reduced air pollution by 23% in London, a new study published by mayor Sadiq Khan has revealed.

Pollution sensors installed at 18 primary schools across Brent, Enfield and Lambeth found the School Streets scheme is successfully reducing nitrogen dioxide levels.

Since April 2020, almost 350 School Streets have been delivered across London to reduce car trips and improve air quality.

A separate survey conducted by Transport for London (TfL) also reveals that 81% of parents and carers supported the measures at their children’s school. Three-quarters of those surveyed support the measures being kep in the long term subject to consultation.

Mr Khan said: 'School Streets play an important role in enabling parents and children to walk, cycle or scoot to and from school which has so many benefits, not least in improving air quality. It’s great to see the huge reduction in nitrogen dioxide during pick up and drop off on schools streets – a time where countless children and adults would otherwise be exposed to dangerous emissions.

'Too many lives are already lost each year as a result of our city’s toxic air and the results of our monitoring study show just how much of a difference reducing car journeys through School Streets makes.'

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