Requests for driver details rise


Councils and parking companies are increasingly requesting details about a car’s registered keeper, which allows them to fine drivers, according to a car sales firm.

Carwow reported a 48% increase since 2018 in the number of times local authorities, parking firms and toll roads used a database to discover the name and address of a vehicle’s registered keeper.

In 2018-19, 18.7m such requests were made to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency database, rising to 27.6m in 2022-23.

After obtaining these details, private companies, councils and other organisations can issue parking fines and other charges to drivers.

Carwow said the increasing number of requests was due to factors including the increased prevalence of clean air zones and low-traffic neighbourhoods.

However, the firm estimated that the total cost of penalties issued to drivers in 2023-24 will have declined for the first time since 2020.

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