Powys defends publicity for bus upgrade


Following the recent difficulties in the Welsh bus sector, with several major operators going out of business, you might think councils would be eager to trumpet any boost to services.

However Powys CC has been forced to defend its publicity for a major upgrade to Swansea-Brecon buses, which have joined the TrawsCymru network of long-distances routes, after it was launched with little local knowledge.


The Welsh Government is giving Powys up to £100,000 this year for the new T6 services, however it began without fanfare last Monday, resulting in complaints locally about advance information.

A Powys spokesman said roadside information was replaced in the week before the launch, adding that if the new information had gone out earlier, it could have caused ‘some confusion to passengers waiting for the bus’ operating the previous X63 schedules. 

The council had advertised the T6 on its Facebook page and public transport app since early September. ‘We acknowledge that the printed T6 leaflets did not arrive until Tuesday 13th, but this is done via Welsh Government and their suppliers.’

The T6 boosts weekday frequency to hourly and introduces five return Sunday services.

Some local buses have been retimed as feeders, and the T6 connects with the Cardiff-Newtown T4 at Brecon.

New Adventure Travel is buying six new vehicles for the T6. One is in service, the others will follow in February.


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