Pembrokeshire CC counts cost of Cleddau Bridge


A watchdog’s investigation into a disagreement over the accounts for Cleddau Bridge and a former chief executive’s pay off will cost Pembrokeshire CC more than £55,000.

According to a report, which went before the local authority’s corporate governance committee,  the council’s statement of accounts for 2013-14 has not yet been signed off by the Welsh Audit Office, because of an outstanding issue, which relates to accounting for the Cleddau Bridge.

The council’s head of finance, Jon Haswell, told members the outstanding issues relating to the bridge will result in a £27,000 bill from the WAO, plus £1,500 in legal costs.

The committee was also told last year’s investigation by the WAO into the severance package for Bryn Parry-Jones has cost the local authority an extra £28,446.

The watchdog ruled last year that Mr Parry-Jones’ exit payment was unlawful and reduced it by £52,760.

A spokeswoman for Pembrokeshire CC said the local authority has not yet received an invoice from the WAO.

‘We have worked closely with the council to resolve this issue and officers are currently drafting a report for full council that will set out the way forward,’ said a spokesman for the WAO.

‘Once this report has been presented the accounts can then be updated, we will then be in a position to provide our opinion on the accounts. We can confirm we have notified the council that our current fee for dealing with this stands at £27,000.’

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