PMQs: Cameron aims for free parking in market towns


David Cameron called for market towns to offer free parking and for more deregulation of planning rules as he reiterated calls made on the election trail in prime minister's questions this week.

Responding to a question on devolution outside of city areas, Mr Cameron stated that the Government was offering bespoke deals to all areas and linked the issue of local growth firmly to the high street and parking in less urban areas.

Mr Cameron said:'The offer of devolution is not limited to cities; we are just as open to proposals from towns, counties and districts. To help our high streets we need a strong economy; to press ahead with these local plans; and to have deregulation of the class orders that sometimes prevent development from taking place. I would also argue, in the case of market towns, that we should make parking easier—and, preferably, free.

He added that the decision to postpone the electrification of the Transpennine rail route between Leeds and Manchester a 'pause not a stop' and repeated plans to scrap Pacer trains in the north despite reports that the policy has a very low benefit cost ratio.

Mr Cameron also said the plan to extend the Robin Hood line in north Nottinghamshire was a 'very positive one' one adding 'it is something that we want to support and we hope to make progress on it in the months ahead'.

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