New traffic control specification wins industry support


Transport for London (TfL) has won ITS (intelligent transportation systems) industry support for its new technical specification for a management information base (MIB) covering remote monitoring of traffic control equipment.

The specification lays down how a remote device should hold and package data for transmitting to a traffic management application.

The MIB is intended primarily for coordinating data from the capital’s array of overheight vehicle detectors (OHVDs), such as those operating at the Blackwall Tunnel. In July 2014, TfL awarded new traffic control maintenance services contracts for 56 OHVDs and other traffic management installations across the capital.

Industry support has come via the Urban Traffic Management and Control (UTMC) Development Group (UDG) - a guarantor for ITS standards for road traffic management - whose supplier members’ systems must now enable MIB-based management.

The UDG consulted suppliers in late 2014. Dr Mark Cartwright, from its secretariat, told Transport Network: ‘In the absence of any negative comments by the deadline of 31 December 2014, we're happy to announce that the specification is now ‘official’.

‘TfL had already worked closely with major suppliers before submitting it, which meant that it needed a lot less scrutiny by the UDG.

It is potentially adaptable to equipment other than OHVDs. A number of other technical documents are currently under development’.

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