New reinstatement product launched at Road Expo


A new solution to failed manhole, gully and channel-drain reinstatements will be launched at Road Expo in November by Nufins.

The company claims the EPIFLEX product provides zero maintenance and 20 years of service life.

Nufins believes its solution to ironwork reinstatements ‘eliminates all problems caused by traditional methods of reinstatements’ and is based on technical expertise with materials used in bridge expansion joints.

The material used for the reinstatement is a cold-applied, flexibilised transition mortar that accommodates differing movement between asphalt road-surfacing, substrate and manhole frames, helping prevent the cracking in concrete seen in traditional products.

It is also resistant to road salts, fuel and freeze-thaw stress, as well as providing one product for bedding and haunching.

Nufins will be showcasing the new product along with its range of highways maintenance materials.

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