New public sector highways company established


Nottinghamshire County Council and Cornwall Council have announced plans to launch a new public sector company to provide highways and fleet management services in Nottinghamshire.

Named Via – the Latin word for road – the company will become operational in July, under a 10-year contract that could be extended for a further five years.

Anthony May and Kate Kennally, CEs of Notts CC and Cornwall Council

The new public sector Teckal company will be able to trade commercially to gain work of up to 20% of its turnover and will be supported by CORSERV, part of CORMAC, Cornwall Council’s arms-length highways company.

Transport Network understands that Nottinghamshire County Council will pass its annual revenue budget and significant capital funds directly to the new company.  

'As far as residents are concerned, the new company will continue to provide an excellent service in terms of the way work is carried out on Nottinghamshire roads and they should continue to contact the county council direct with highways issues,' said Cllr Alan Rhodes, Nottinghamshire County Council leader.

'Via provides us with an opportunity to safeguard the continued delivery of a quality highways service for Nottinghamshire well into the future. It will help us to ensure continued improvement against a backdrop of ever-increasing demand on our services.'

Adam Paynter, Cornwall cabinet member for resources, said: 'This is an exciting opportunity for both Cornwall Council and Nottinghamshire County Council and is a reciprocal relationship which will see both authorities learning from each other and sharing knowledge and experience.

'Not only will the launch of the new company create new jobs in both Cornwall and Nottinghamshire, it will also bring additional revenue back into both councils.'


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