New 'intelligent camera' trial to be launched on London buses


Bus passengers in London this year will take part in a trial of new intelligent camera technology that scans them when they sit down so those boarding can tell how many seats are free upstairs.

The ‘upper seat indicator technology’ is likely to be welcomed by commuters on busy routes in the capital, with those using route 59 between King’s Cross and Streatham Hill set to be the first to benefit though the trial.

A display downstairs on the bus will provide a live diagram of the upper deck showing which seats are filled.

Eyes up: The display board on trial on a route during a pilot last year
(Picture: Transport for London)

Simon Reed, head of Transport for London's technical services group, said: ‘We want passengers to benefit from the most cutting edge technology, making their journeys easier and more comfortable.

‘This project builds on a single vehicle trial conducted in 2014 and should provide a practical, clear benefit with clear information at the point of boarding. As we expand this trial we will be able to learn more about how it will work on a large scale and what kind of impact it will have on our passenger's experience.’

The Evening Standard reports that the technology has been developed with digital recording firm Timespace.

Managing director Robert Heylen told the paper: ‘We are delighted to be partnering with TfL on the development and trial of this new technology and hope it proves beneficial to bus passengers.’

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