Gallions Reach and Belvedere Thames crossings edge closer after public thumbs up


Plans for new river crossings in east London have been met with overwhelming public support, paving the way for fresh bridges or tunnels.

While over 90% of respondents to a public consultation backed construction of new Thames crossings, proposed expansion of ferry crossings has now been put on hold after a muted response.

With feedback found to be largely in favour of new fixed link crossings, Transport for London (TfL) will now continue to develop concepts for new bridges at Gallions Reach and Belevedere.

Consideration will also be given to potential new tunnels linking both banks of the Thames after respondents raised suggestions that such an approach might release more land for housing or development.

TfL believes new crossings in East London would transform local connectivity and help support delivery of jobs across a wider area.

Work will now take place to assess the traffic impacts of new crossings at Gallions Reach and Belevedere, alongside potential cross-river links for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport passengers.

TfL confirmed that proposals for a new ferry at Woolwich and Gallions Reach would be paused pending the result of this latest wave of assessment.

A more detailed consultation on the crossings is now due to take place in the autumn.

In its response to the consultation, TfL said: ‘New road crossings would create new cross-river connections. These could reduce journey times, create new opportunities for further improvements to the walking, cycling and public transport networks and help to stimulate development in the surrounding area.'


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