Edinburgh first to enforce pavement parking ban


Edinburgh City Council has become the first local authority in Scotland to enforce a ban on pavement parking.

From Monday (29 January), motorists who park on any of the city’s pavements will face a £100 fine, which will be reduced to £50 if paid within the first 14 days.

The measure has been introduced to make it easier for pedestrians and people with mobility issues to make their way unhindered along Edinburgh’s streets.

Scott Arthur, City of Edinburgh Council's transport and environment convener, told the BBC: ‘Every driver is responsible for parking their vehicles considerately, and where this would not cause an obstruction to the road.

‘If a driver can't park with all four wheels on the road without blocking traffic, we would encourage them to park elsewhere. Neither parking on the footpath nor blocking the road is safe or acceptable.’

The Transport (Scotland) Act, passed in 2019, banned pavement parking, double parking and parking at dropped kerbs.

The Department for Transport ran a consultation on banning pavement parking in England from 31 August to 22 November 2020. According to its website, it is still 'evaluating the feedback we received'.

This story first appeared on localgov.co.uk.

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