Counties and districts in two-tier devo talks


Council leaders from counties and districts are holding talks this morning to thrash out one of the thorniest issues in local government; how will devolution work in two-tier areas?

The County Councils Network (CCN) and District Councils’ Network (DCN) are due to meet in London to discuss the devolution agenda, although little in the way of details has been announced regarding the talks.

Key issues are likely to include planning and transport and how devolved funding and decision-making would work across boundaries and tiers.

CCN chairman, Cllr Paul Carter, said: ‘My priority for CCN this year is to continue the momentum on devolution. A devolution deal for England is an imperative.

‘I believe local government at all levels should have an enhanced role in influencing the totality of public expenditure in our areas. Our track record of delivering efficient and effective services over the last five years out performs all other parts of public expenditure.’

DCN chairman, Cllr Neil Clarke, added: ‘Our members are fully committed to making the historic devolution of powers work for the people and places we serve.

‘This district/county initiative demonstrates that we recognise the importance of collaboration and shows a firm commitment to change how we operate, so that devolution has real and beneficial outcomes. It is a practical and constructive approach from our two networks to secure the best interests of the communities and businesses we jointly serve.’


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