BBC security could affect Cardiff trains


The proximity of BBC Wales’ planned new headquarters to Wales’ busiest railway station could result in security threats disrupting public transport, said police.

Cardiff CC supports the proposed BBC building on the current site of Cardiff Central bus station, north of the railway station.

South Wales Police told the authority: 'Any incidents at the railway station could impact on BBC business continuity if an evacuation is deemed necessary, and vice versa on the main rail route into and out of Wales. If there was a major bomb alert in the building there may be a requirement to evacuate adjacent premises such as the railway station, causing major disruption to the network.

'The siting of a high profile media centre such as the BBC in the middle of a city centre next to the main railway station would significantly increase the attractiveness of the area to extremists and possible demonstrations.'

Safety and security concerns could influence the area’s public realm, with the police highlighting the need for 'vehicle mitigation' such as bollards around the entire BBC building and separate routes for pedestrians and delivery vehicles.

Network Rail objects to the planned closure of the road in front of the railway station’s main entrance and says proposed replacement short-stay parking and pick up/drop off west of the station would be unsatisfactory. The council says alternative facilities will be provided south of the station.

Some bus users are disappointed that the bus station will close this summer, two years before its replacement is ready.

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