Any old iron? Or highways gear...Barnsley takes to ebay


Barnsley Council’s environment and transport department has set up an ebay account to flog its surplus stock.

Goods including highway materials, plant equipment, transport parts, street lighting materials, protective clothing and general supplies and materials will all be up for grabs.

The scheme will be reviewed in six months with a view to expanding the range of items eligible for auction.

Cllr Roy Miller, the council's cabinet spokesperson for place, said: 'Using Ebay will provide us with another channel to manage surplus stock and will also give members of the public, along with council staff and partners, the opportunity to bid for items and goods.

'In a time when we are facing Government cuts to our funding, we are having to think more creatively and business-like in order to maintain our services. A few other councils have been successfully using Ebay so I'm happy that we are also giving it a go here in Barnsley.'

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