Aberdeen left blushing after hydrogen hiccups


Problems have arisen at the UK’s first integrated hydrogen generation and bus refuelling station, after two of the buses broke down in the first week of operations in Aberdeen.

Part of a £19m scheme, led by Aberdeen City Council and backed by the Scottish Government, the first bus to encounter “technical issues” broke down last Thursday just after the station officially opened.

Another member of the fleet closely followed it on Friday leaving passengers to wait for a replacement service.

Aberdeen City Council defended the scheme and suggested it was natural to have a few hiccups in the early stages of such a project.

‘It is to be expected that early teething problems will emerge and the solutions will assist in the further development of this important new clean technology,’ said a spokesman.

Of the 10 buses in the fleet, six are operated by Stagecoach, while First Group operates four. Stagecoach has confirmed to local papers one bus broke down due to a fuel issue and the manufacturer had been asked to make checks on the fleet.

Hydrogen fuel cell buses reduce carbon emissions and air pollution compared to their diesel counterparts.

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