National framework for LED replacements goes live


A new national framework to help Scottish councils drive forward LED street light replacements has gone live.

The four-year Scotland Excel framework is thought to be the first of its kind in Scotland and is estimated to be worth £5m a year. 

The buying framework includes 13 companies – including eight from Scotland itself – as suppliers that will help councils find the specialist resources needed to upgrade traditional street lights with more efficient LED lights.


By giving councils easier access to specialist contractors the framework will complement Scotland Excel’s existing street lighting materials framework that started in July 2014.

Cllr Mike Holmes, convener of Scotland Excel, said: 'Together the existing materials framework and our new installation framework give councils the tools to form contracts with suppliers for the materials and man power they need to deliver major LED upgrades. This is a key focus of local authorities because it will deliver significant cost savings and carbon reductions.

'As well as offering an estimated average cost saving of 27% - sustainability is at the heart of this framework. Its key focus is helping councils to press forward with large-scale LED installations which will cut emissions and running costs because they use between 50% and 60% less energy than traditional lamps.

'LEDs also have a longer life span of up to 25 years and need less maintenance than traditional lights and this brings extra efficiencies. In fact LED lights pay for themselves through savings within the first six years.'

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