City of London confirms 20mph limit will start in July


Central London’s Square Mile will become a 20mph zone in July after the City of London Corporation’s transport committee voted to implement the speed restriction this week.

The 20mph speed limit is part of the City’s road danger reduction plan and was approved by its city’s primary decision-making body, the Court of Common Council on 12 September last year, following a supportive public consultation.

It is predicted the scheme – which will also be enforced on all boundary roads with the exception of Westminster - will reduce road casualties by around 7%.

Transport for London will also conduct an experimental 20mph speed limit on the two City roads belonging to them, between Blackfriars Bridge and Farrington Street and between Norton Folgate and London Bridge.

Michael Welbank, chairman of the planning and transportation committee said: ‘I am pleased that [the 20mph scheme] has now cleared this last hurdle to its implementation. For the City of London to continue its success as an international business hub it is critical that its streets should be safe for all who use them be they commuters, pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, motorcyclists, shoppers or cultural wanderers and dreamers.’

Alongside the 20 mph speed limit, the City of London is rolling out a range of road danger reduction measures including contra-flow cycling, junction redesigns pedestrian ‘countdowns’ and traffic light timing adjustments to ensure they are optimised for 20mph driving.

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